I have turquoise toes
adorned with sparkly flowers
a gift from my mother
pedicures for the three of us
my mom, my sister and I
Girl Time
The Best Kind
with smiles, laughter filled conversation and love all around
the pampering was nice too
mmmmmm, needed that
more than I knew
I don’t recognize these feet as mine
for my toe nails were naked all summer
no time to paint ‘em
let alone time to be still
and have them done
a mother’s love
a woman who knows her daughters better than we know ourselves
so thankful for them both
my mother and my sister
both big pieces
of my heart

September 13, 2012

bein’ girly

I am bein’ girly today

meetin’ a friend this morn

we’re going to gab,

chit chat and laugh

while our feet are soaked,

scrubbed and buffed

then our toes

polished in vivid hues

we’ll slip our flip flops on

talk a little more

hug goodbye 

both of us feelin’ lighter

on the inside

after our time together

sharing hearts

over pedicures

two women

bein’ girly

my birthday present

a little early

from a wonderful friend

who insisted

on treatin’

Thank you, Kim!

I. Can’t. Wait.

Will see you soooooon!



© 2011 Turquoise Tangles