dog walk thoughts

I walked Blue through the park this morning early, our favorite route, while a cold rain fell. As my peacock adorned rain boots hit the wet sidewalk, after we made it through and were headed on toward home, these words rang in my head in a steady rhythm:
“Grit, Steel, Grace and Love
that’s what Janean Baird is made of.”

Of course it should read, “Janean Marie Thompson Baird” but that’s too long and ruins the word flow.

I’m going to wake up the boys next and plan on unplugging as best I can to make art today, for that is the soothing balm my aching and weary soul needs most.

March 11, 2013

October song

cowgirl boots hit the sidewalk

in a rhythmic fall

dog tags jingle too

fallen leaves crunch

beneath our feet

traffic sounds are few

listenin’ to an October song

on our evenin’ stroll

just me and my dog


Written in my head as Blue and I were walkin’ after dark on October 9, 2012. Typed in e-ink the next mornin’. ~ Janean