If a writer’s hand you hold


If a writer’s hand you hold
the other transcribes
with unbridled fury
things of which you
may be unaware 
how tight your grip
how slow your gait
how slight your lisp
how low your weight
your tiny incidentals 
may become the stuff
of novels, plays, poetry
a world unknown to you
will come to know
you as you are known
your loves
your voices
your vices
your choices

the character of you
plays the leading role
if a writer’s hand you hold

Mmmmmm. So true. Did you read this one too, Honey? Now that I know you know where to read the words I’m writing, as I’m tap, tap, tapping on the keys of my shiny silver laptop and sparklin’ new phone. Thank you, justanothermemphisgirl! I LOVE this one. So very much. ‘Tis true. ~ Janean


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