O, Laundry Fairy
Where hast thou gone?
You haven’t separated the darks and lights.
The pile is growing, instead of shrinking, on the laundry room floor.
The clean clothes are still in baskets, not yet neatly folded, waiting to be put away, once the children awaken from a night of peaceful slumber.
Alas, where could you be?
Why have you forsaken me, in my hour of need?
You ran off with the Dish Fairy, didn’t you?
I have suspected you were in cahoots for some time now.
Ever since I caught you kanoodling, the last time things piled up around here.
I am not an ogre.
I believe in the Love At First Sight.
I believe in Happily Ever After.
I just wish I was the one kanoodling, instead of trying to chase down you two missing in action fairies.
Just know, the door is always open.
Plenty of dirty laundry and dishes await.
You are welcome to drop by anytime.
Hope you fly this way again soon.
Until then, guess I’ll pick up your slack.
Time to do the laundry, and the dishes.
My Rock Star Art Making, Art Showing, Name In The Newspaper AND On The Radio Week is Officially Over.
Back to Reality.
But, For The Record, I do believe in fairies.
(Just in case they are reading this note.)


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