my day in a nutshell

This morning I made pancakes from scratch, with my more than happy to help youngest son, who requested them.
Made sausage and scrambled eggs too.
Didn’t burn the toast.
Did a bunch of dishes.
Did more dishes.
Finished reading a library book that was due back to the library on Wednesday.
Made a pot ‘o coffee because at 10:00 a.m. I was so tired I wanted to take a nap.
Made lunch.
Did the dishes.
Children went to play at their friend’s house.
Strategized with my husband on what gifts were for which boy and whether they were from Santa or us.
Wrapped Christmas presents.
Played a little Plants vs. Zombies.
Time to make supper.
And do more @&$#%^*+ dishes.
Put one load if laundry in earlier.
Should move that around too.
Will be chaperoning while my children and another 4-H family ring the bell for Salvation Army later this evening.
Should have gotten groceries.
Should have gone to the bank.
Should have returned that library book to pay less in late fees.
Did what I could.
Even if it wasn’t a super duper lot.
Happy Saturday!
Did you do anything fun?
~ Janean


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