I bought these flowers last night at the grocery store.
A dozen yellow roses, clearance priced for $4.99.
The sticker says, “High & Exotic”.
Not sure what THAT means, but they are cheerful and fragrant and make me smile.
Even though I have yet to properly arrange them.
Even though the best I could do last night when I got home from the store at 9:15 p.m. was put ‘em in water.
Literally, stuck ‘em in a vase, just for now.
Will arrange them soon to enjoy them fully.
Until the blooms fade.
And the beauty of the bouquet ends.
For $4.99 I couldn’t leave ‘em at the store.
Yellow roses.
The color for Friendship.
Or simply the color of sunshine on a gray winter’s day.
I love having fresh flowers in the house.
Thankful they go on sale often enough that I can splurge every now and then.
And that my husband stopped alternately asking, “Who are the flowers from?” OR, “What are the flowers for?”
Once he figured out it was just me, being me.
Just because.
I love flowers.


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