on the first day of Christmas vacation

my youngest son was awake before 7:00 this morning
even after staying up past 10:00 hanging out in his big brother’s room talking and laughing
way past bedtime
he slept in there last night
in the extra twin bed
with his brother crashed (still) in the top bunk
thankfully he fell back asleep on the couch this morning
how I love a quiet house
and the lack of hurry or need to rush
since school is out until sometime in the new year
even with lots to do today I am enjoying…
the hum of the refrigerator
the click of my phone keyboard
the sound of my youngest son’s soft snores from the family room
the ticking of the clock
the occasional bird call from the other side of the kitchen wall
and the time to savor my coffee
thankful for an early present
and realizing I already need to put more coffee on the grocery list…
why did I even buy decaf?
snow is in the forecast
doubt it comes today
they always work it in at Christmastime always
visitation this evening
for my husband’s grandmother
for now though
a quiet moment
on the first day
of Christmas vacation
much less frazzled and stressed than yesterday
*serene smile and happy sigh*
December 22, 2011 
at 7:40 a.m. CST


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