Ah, I love your humor…I have had many of those burnt toast mornings. :) Thanks so much for following me and for the re-blogs and comments! I’m going to love reading your blog! (Btw, its nice to have another “mama” around here…I was beginning to think everyone on Tumblr was under 25! :) I hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend.

Thank you, bluesandbarebones. I am sorry I am so late in replying… Once I turned 40, and received an iphone for a birthday present, I’ve been Tumblin’ from there more than my lap top, and as great as the phone ap is, I don’t have a little red flag when I have message there, like I do on my computer. Thankfully, once we banished the new toaster, and replaced it with the old one, no more burned toast. Merry Christmas to you and yours! Christmas Eve is a busy day and night for Mamas everywhere. I’m thankful for some quiet contemplation time now. I won’t get more until Monday morning most likely. ~ Janean


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