not awake yet

I feel like Zombie Mom today
I used to wake up Awake
Not today
To bed 10ish
Puppy up at 4ish
Went back to bed at 5:30ish
Slept again too
At 6something
Damn I’m tired
Coffee isn’t going to touch it
Not enough to jolt me awake
Even the crisp 14 degree temperature
Hasn’t quite done that
I’m thinking donuts
Lotsa donuts
From Krispy Kreme
Where else?
The dog can ride shotgun
He’s awake
Me too
Well sort of
I’m totally gonna go
In my pajamas too
While my family sleeps
Zombie Mom
Signing off
About to make a donut run
I’d rather eat donuts than brains
It’s now 7ish
As is a.m.
On a Sunday morning
Maybe the prayers wi be extra long is service?
Hot shower
I’ll make it
I always do
Happy Morning
To you


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