I saw a beautiful sunrise this morning
I tried to write a poem about it
An Ode to the morning sky
But the dog barked
The children are up and at ‘em
Leftover donuts for breakfast
Or “dog nuts” as my husband joked
“I have a dog that’s nuts” my oldest son joked back
I was in the kitchen
Trying to type my impressions of the sunrise
While signing notebooks from Friday
Sorting backpack papers
And taking the dog out
I just wanted to write a little poem
About the fleeting beauty of a moment
Is that too much to ask?
I tried
Muddle headed from not enough sleep
Groggy brained
I managed to complete the thought
Thankful my husband is takin’ them to school today
Put the coffee on as they walked out the door
My husband asked, “What kind are you making?”
I replied, “French Vanilla”.
(It’s my favorite.)
(Cinnamon is his.)
Quiet now.
The dog who wakes up at 4:00 is napping now
Wonder if there are any donuts left for me…
Coffee’s on
And it’s garbage day
Glamorous life
Wonderful life
I wouldn’t trade places with ya life
Though the one wish
I will admit
Is for an unobstructed view
To the east for the morning sun
And to the west of an evening
So I could drink in the beauty
Of God’s paintbrush
Without trees, houses and swing sets in the way
But they are the stuff of life
Part of His painting
In the foreground
As it should be
On a Monday morning


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