Notes to Self

1. Candy for breakfast, LEGO gifts and an egg hunt before church result in tears and a melt down when it’s time to get ready. The children’s tears. Not mine. This time.
2. Try on the dress from July that you plan to wear on Easter Sunday BEFORE you’re running late that morning with no time to spare and realize that even with your suction suit on the skirt is too short in back to wear to church or anywhere in public.
3. Congrats on your Plan B ensemble. It’s lovely with dark gray pinstripe slacks, a pale gray tank edged in lace and a blush-colored, short sleeved, finely knit sweater with a strand of hematite beads in shining gunmetal gray.
4. There isn’t really time to blog on Easter morning AND be on time for church. We may be a bit late to church, but we’ll be there. Soon. Glad my husband is driving.


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