leakin’ salt water

everything is making me cry today
gonna unplug
^ from the woman who totally sucks at it
solitude and quiet would be lovely
but they aren’t layered into the schedule
things to do
places to go
people to see, love, hug and care for
one big ole dog and striped cat too
so I will go and do
but I can’t read words today
not on Facebook
not on Caring Bridge
not on Twitter or Tumblr either
everything is making me cry today

December 6, 2012

all patched up

the beauty of patches

is that they cover the tear

reinforcing the fabric

making it stronger

to endure

the next time you fall

and the next

until the fabric is torn again

and it’s time¬†

for another patch

and yes

it applies

to people too

© 2011 Turquoise Tangles