The Whapping Box

It's Saturday morning, so my house is moving at a slower pace. No need to rush from bed, through breakfast, brushing teeth, making lunches and hitting the door by 8am with my two sons who have their backpacks in tow. We all slept in until 7, the youngest a bit after that. Yes, at This House seven is sleeping in. We're early risers as a rule. Well, two of us are. The other two would rather stay up into the night, when they get their second wind. They know how to sleep in too given half a chance to catch some extra zzzzz's.

It's only 8:30 now but we've already had Quite A Morning here. A rambunctious, laughter filled start to the day. Gotta love that! The Energy Level was rising and the Noise Level too when I looked over to see my oldest son with an empty LEGO box in his hand. He was tap, tap, tapping it against his younger brother's palm. (Of course, I HAVE NO IDEA WHY…) Even though my youngest wasn't in distress, or much bothered by this turn of events, I found myself asking, "Is that a box to recycle?" Seemed like a logical question to me. I wasn't ready for the snappy reply, "No. It's my Special Whapping Box." Oh?! OK then. As I think to myself, "I need to get me one of those…" And I proceeded on to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for the three of us. My hubby was already home from work and trying to get some quick winks, even with this riotous ruckus taking place a floor below.

Wild Boys this morning and a gray and rainy looking day outside. Love their Imagination and Laughter. Hope their first soccer games of the spring season wear them out some. While they were talking together and playing and having fun to TV was off and no was was plugged in to computer or video games. Just a bit of time has passed since this rowdy exchange. We turned the TV on over breakfast. "Mythbusters" was chosen over "Looney Tunes" or "SpongeBob". It's amazing how fast calm and quiet, (well, quieter), can set in.

My house has the wonderful aroma of bacon wafting through it still. The Boys are plugged in for some Computer Games before we dash around getting soccer uniforms, cleats, water bottles and and soccer balls together and head to The Fields. Their voices drift up to me from the basement, as I sit a floor above, tap, tap, tapping on my laptop keys to share this story of, "The Whapping Box" with you.


2 thoughts on “The Whapping Box

  1. Got a temporary avatar. Figured out what it was…my pics were all too big pixals-wise. I'll figure out how to shrink one of my pics one day. Sounds like you had a good saturday morning. I haven't been on for awhile. Needed and break and was tracking the government "shutdown" closely as it impacted me. Hope to write some this weekend..if life doesn't "happen" too much!

  2. Like your Groovin' Dude Temporary Avatar. I have Photo Editing software from my Art Director days and shrink all my pics before posting on FB or here. Partly so they are small files if anyone tried to grab 'em and use 'em without permission. We keep the camera settings higher than we'd have to and have big file sizes too. Yes, a good start to Saturday. First soccer game tied 3-3. Another within the hour. A break is good. I need to get better at unplugging. Adding blogging to my time online doesn't help that objective but I'm not complaining. I like the outlet for Random Thoughts that don't fit anywhere else. Hope the government works it out so it doesn't affect you too much. Live Life this weekend and Inspiration will be all around you. Then you'll have a stack of writing prompts when the Quiet Moments come.

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