Oh, What A Sunrise!

Oh, What A Sunrise!
Glowing Hot Pink
From Horizon to Sky
Bands of Lavender
Make the Next Layer

Hot Pink Clouds
Float High Above
The Blue Gets Brighter
The Color is Quieter Now
Clouds are Changing
From Lavender Gray
To Regular Old White
As a New Day Dawns
The Memory Remains
Oh, What A Sunrise!

This morning, as I sat in my Favorite Writing Spot at the Dining Room Table, with the East Facing Window on my left, I couldn't help but marvel, and then stop and stare at the glowing pink horizon with lavender layers above. New Colors. Different than yellow, orange and gold. I felt compelled to try to capture this Quiet Moment to share with you as well. So vivid. So true. More amazing in person than through the camera's lens. But better than nothing. Better than words alone. To add a picture, or two or three and try to share the Magnificence of the Morning with this poem, "Oh, What A Sunrise!".

© 2011, Janean Baird Turquoise Tangles


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