Pink Carnations

I buy myself flowers every now and then. For No Reason Whatsoever. They make me smile and lift my spirits when I see their bright blooms atop long stems. I said, "Yes!" to a $4.00 bouquet of Pink Carnations a week ago, on June 11, 2011, during an early morning trip to the grocery store. We'd returned home from vacation late the night before and were needing milk and bread. I craved the Little Pick Me Up that buying fresh flowers always brings. A cheerful, "Welcome Home" wrapped in plastic from the floral display. This Homecoming was different. Unusual for me. I didn't want to come back. Ever. Part of me wanted to keep Hotel Hopping and Road Tripping across the country in our van indefinitely. Especially if it meant I could keep my husband's recent cancer diagnosis at bay awhile longer. Alas, It Doesn't Work That Way. Home was here. Waiting for us. Along with Reality and our Green Eyed Cat.

Those who Know Me Well may be raising their eyebrows at my choice in carnation color. I Am Not A Pink Girl. You won't catch me wearing soft shades of p-i-n-k. Ever. Maybe hot pink on occasion. Salmon too. Coral sometimes. Then there is violet which blends both pink and purple hues. There is A Rhyme To My Reason though. This is why I passed up the red, yellow, white and two-tone carnations for uncharacteristic pale pink blooms…

Before he was my husband, there was dating and The Thrill Of Falling In Love. The flutter, excitement and lightheadedness at knowing he was near. I was still in college. Working at the mall part time my senior year. He used to bring me flowers on our month anniversaries. Pink carnations to be exact. And see me on my break. One, two, three, four…I'm not sure when it stopped. I didn't mind or notice at the time. The Wooing Phase was ending as our Lives Intertwined. The Love was there. Growing stronger. Holding us together even now. Here's a little secret. I'm whispering, so lean in close. I used to be A Pink Girl. I still have The Proof Of It hanging in my closet. Way back when, on our first date, 19 years ago this summer, I wore a pale pink shirt. Not sure why I've always kept it. Other than That's Just What I Do. I Save Things. Sentimental through and through.

Yesterday morning, my bouquet of pink carnations looked so pretty sitting in the center of our oak kitchen table with slivers of sunlight peeking through the blinds. Lovely. Soothing. Happy too. They did the trick to shift my mood and bring a secret smile to my lips. All week long I've been admiring them with shining eyes as I think back o'er the years and remember those first few bouquets of pink carnations.

© 2011, Janean Baird Turquoise Tangles


11 thoughts on “Pink Carnations

  1. kathryn hall writes:I'm sorry – I didn't mean to post anonymously. That was me who was crying…..

  2. Anonymous writes:Janean — I am blubbering big 'ole soppy tears. This is absolutely lovely. Beautiful. Heart rending. The sentiment and how you wrote it – perfection.

  3. I love flowers too. My heart fell warm when see it, and I crazy to white lily.

  4. Dear Kathryn,Thank you for feeling it as deeply as I wrote it. Often as I write these posts for Turquoise Tangles my heart hurts and tears flow freely down my cheeks. Thank you too for letting me know it was you. Woman and artist I am so blessed to know in person. Aidia,WELCOME! Flowers are Universal Joy, aren't they?! They just make you smile – whether blooming in the ground, outdoor pots or from a vase indoors. Such A Simple Pleasure. Flowers. * happy sigh*~ Janean

  5. I will janean , I subscribe to your blog , so I get the notice when you had finish and post publicly about what you're write . . 🙂

  6. Thanks for stopping by Turquoise Tangles today, risis. You're right, "Maybe all women love pink…" I admit, I have been considering pink-ish toe nail polish next… RED has been calling to me too though. Used to be my Signature Color years ago. The only color I EVER painted my toes. I've since branched out. Into violet metal and turquoise too. There are more stories and poems to come. Hope you'll be back again. ~ Janean

  7. What a lovely flowers :whistle:I love pink . . But not too obsession to wear any kind of things has to be pink . . Maybe all women loves pink . .Nice story of you , thanks for share :happy:

  8. Janet Riehl writes:Janean,The book is growing. You are continually maturing as a writer. No need at all to slouch down in the Writers Parade anymore. You're definitely there.Auntie J.

  9. Dear Aunt Janet,I am spreading my wings and flying. Feels so good to soar and set free the tumble of words tangled up within. There are several books being written. Parallel and overlapping. I'll untangle them later. Someday. It helps to have a place to write. To pour out the thoughts as they flow. Yes. I am a writer. *without feeling the need to apologize or explain or qualify it anymore* Love YOU!Dear risis,I am honored and humbled that you subscribed. Thank you for following me on My Writing Journey as I unravel the tangle of thoughts and pictures inside me. ~ Janean

  10. Mom writes:I seem to remember the pale pink roses in your wedding bouquet…maybe you're a bit of a P.I.N.K. girl after all? Eloquently written. Full circle.

  11. Mom, Here's a Technicality for you…I ASKED for p-i-n-k roses in my wedding bouquet but the florist suggested Oceana Peach Roses instead. I've never regretted saying, "YES!" to his suggestion. They were so full, fragrant and lovely they made That Wonderful Fairy Tale Day even more special and wonderful than it already was destined to be. Did you see in the comments above where I was considering using p-i-n-k polish for my toe nails? YIKES! Must be because I've been talking about That Color so much lately. Love,Janean

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