Men as Writers



Hard planes,
hard words,
hard hearts.

They work,—
fix cars, fix women—
and earn money.
They are the sturdy platform
upon which the world stands.

They would have us believe
that they are unemotional,
that they are above tears,
above love,

Unless that man is—

a writer.

A man as a writer,
feels hard,
falls hard,
writes hard.

They live fast and hard,
and then transcribe it into words.

Men as writers
are soft and malleable,
and fit to be held. 

I know A Writin’ Man. But alas, I cannot follow him on Tumblr because he won’t tell me his URL. Oh well. His loss. I’ll just have to show him my love in person and not from the glow of his computer screen. ~ Still Waiting For My Husband To Spill The Beans Or Let His Guard Down And Leave His Tumblr Page Up *sigh*


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