A Clarity of Conscious: Still the same, and yet…


In late spring I was just as you are,

And then, in less time than it takes to speak four little words,
I changed.

“I think it’s cancer”.

Such a simple statement,
And yet one that continues to reverberate in my mind.

Obviously there’s…

I found him…or rather, he found me. When I checked my followers just now there was one more. Number 53. He’d given me the clue that, “of” and “a” were in his Tumblr name. Really helpful, hmmmm? So, when I saw, “A Clarity of Conscious” I knew he was The One. Hello, Honey. I’ll look forward to seeing more of what you write come across my dashboard. Isn’t Tumblr more fun than watchin’ television in your recovery? Love, Me

A Clarity of Conscious: Still the same, and yet…


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