it is a crazy daisy kind of day
oldest son feverish and flu-ish
husband getting unhooked from 48 hours of chemo around noon
getting groceries in the six o’clock hour
that’s a.m.
I smile as I spy them in the bin
as I round the corner toward produce
the bin where all the half price bouquets go to wait
for the right shopper
the one who stops and takes a look
taking time to admire the varied assortment of grocery store flowers
oodles of crazy daisies
figuring it is $3.49 well spent
they are the first thing I put in my cart
even though they are never on the list
I head home by seven
as the sky begins to brighten
they are arranged in a vase on the kitchen counter
it is a clear vase, but they turn the water purple
I love that
coffee is done brewing
husband is out the door
time to get breakfast
not sure what is after that
sinking into home today
reading my new book from the library
making it up as we go along
yes, it is a crazy daisy kind of day here


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