Spring is moving along at warp speed.
Everything is blooming ASAP!
These Bradford Pear trees usually bloom mid-April.
Yet, here they are, mid-March!
I can’t quite believe it.
I’m loving the balmy temperatures.
It’s been in the 70’s and low 80’s with no humidity.
What’s not to like?!
No need for a jacket or heavier cold weather gear.
I’ve even ditched shoes and socks for sandals and bare feet.
Most shocking is my choice of attire…
Hopefully I didn’t scare too many neighbors while sporting shorts and a tank top on Sunday afternoon.
In my defense, it was hot.
Yes, Spring is moving along at warp speed.
Summer will be here before we know it.
Perhaps in May, instead of June.
Time will tell.
However, there really isn’t any need to rush.


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