powers of deduction

Our doorbell rings.
(sitting on couch) My youngest son says, “Who is it?”
(standing behind couch) I reply, “I don’t know. I don’t have x-ray vision.”
I could of guessed right though. I walked down the not too long hallway to answer the front door. It’s a neighbor boy, the 6th grade one, wondering if my boys can play. Yes. Yes, they can. Come on in and join the fun. Just leave your shoes on. Go quickly. I have ahold of Blue. Next thing I knew they were switching houses, from ours to his. My house is quiet, for just a little bit. For this I am admittedly thankful. Saturday just keeps getting better. ~ Janean

P.S. I spoke too soon. Let the wild woofing commence. Blue’s at his backyard facing window, and this is how he says, “SQUIRREL!!!!” *sigh* Quiet was nice while it lasted. All 2.3 seconds of it.

October 13, 2012


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