crazy nest
I took another picture
on walk four of the day
though I usually don’t count them
I wan’t going to take another picture
of this fallen nest
still on the sidewalk
as I circled the short block
with my dog, Blue
but after taking two photos prior,
What’s one more?!
I felt compelled to document it
tugged the dog’s leash
we doubled back
the sun is brighter now
I couldn’t see the preview
took the picture anyway
managed to keep my shadow away
honestly, this sort of sums it up
it has been a crazy nest kind of day
rose light in the sunrise
snow flurries flying wildly
blue sky and white fluffy clouds now
just right, perfect, meant to be
on this day, still unfolding
a crazy nest day
I wonder where the bird is perching?

January 14, 2014


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