jinxed toast

FOR THE RECORD: I haven’t burnt toast this badly in years, at least the smoke alarm did not go off, the toaster was on the correct setting (in the middle) but didn’t pop up in time. I ate one, tossed one and made more toast that was “just right.” I jinxed myself by mentioning my long ago burnt toast mornings at Art Circle on Thursday night. I got cocky. Thought I had making toast figured out. Lesson learned. Humility. 

January 17, 2016


5 thoughts on “jinxed toast

  1. You should repost your original here. The history makes it all the better!

    • Good advice and I appreciate your suggestion, Angel. As funny as it is to have a burnt toast history, I did consider another burnt toast post from my archives here. Watch for it to pop up…minus the smoke alarm. *sparkly heart LOVE,* Janean

  2. I’ve selected your blog for the Liebster Award. I was selected and now I am paying it forward to you! It is a bit of work, but I hope you will be pleased and consider it. You can find details on my post.

  3. Interesting and enjoyable rumination on the mundane, Janean … reminds me a bit of (?) Eddie Izard’s remarks about how toasters lie to us.

    • Hi, dW. Thanks for reading. Several years ago I lamented many slices of burned toast in my daily Facebook statuses. Creatively of course. With oodles of imagination in how I stated that I’d burnt the blasted toast yet again. I’m not familiar with Eddie Izard’s remarks about lying toasters. On Facebook it was remarkable all the comments about toast and toasters that came flooding in. Burnt toast is mundane and immensely relatable. I smiled at your recent cat photos. It was late and my eyes were drooping and I apologize for not circling back once awaker to write a note. Good to hear from you. Glad your camera was in your hand and you felt like taking pictures. =^.^= ~Janean

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