Happy 100th birthday in Heaven, Grr. I can hear your fiddle music playing at your birthday square dance and see Grandma smiling. Have fun calling, “chase the rabbit, chase the squirrel, chase the girl around the world.” You did. Thinking of you. Wearing my cowgirl boots for the first time this fall. Tell Copper and Santas I said hi too. Scratch their ears in the spots they liked. I am hoping that an unadvertised good thing about Heaven is: No Horseflies. Love you. Thinking of you extra today. Smiling, not crying. Just a little misty around the corners, like you when you’d hear music playing in your mind as you told a story from long ago. Love, Janean


2 thoughts on “100

  1. Nice to have Gr brought to mind again, Janean … thanks.

    • So good to hear from you, dW. There is extra beauty in you commenting on “100” today. Remarkable timing really. You see, today, January 4, 2016, is the day my Grandma Thompson celebrates her 100th birthday in Heaven. I’ve thought of her all day. I hadn’t realized until today that my grandparents were just a few months apart in age. Grr has been gone from Earth nine months now. Feels longer. Forever with us in our hearts and minds.

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