3 thoughts on “moon craze

  1. A very nice juxtaposition of the “two moons”, Janean … and the pine wood of the window frame is nicely rendered as it lends a “home” atmosphere. And I must point out that the verse is a conventional haiku … very appropriate.

    • Thank you, der W. Yes, I counted syllables and everything for a 5-7-5 haiku. This really is my kitchen window and is not a clip art image. I have artwork with horses hanging on the cabinet to the left and a metal and gemstone woman titled, “Bravehearted” hanging on the cabinet to the right. A poem about the two moons, one crescent made of blue glass and the genuine real celestial moon, may yet develop. Good to hear from you! I appreciate your feedback. ~Janean

  2. After cogitating upon your recent “moon posts”, it occurred to me that I had a few moon shots in my files, so I compiled them into two posts in my blog … I thought you might like to have a look.

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