shine your light

super supermoon 

November full moon

shine on

shine bright

even from behind the clouds

you light up the night

November 13, 2016


4 thoughts on “shine your light

  1. A nice night view of the moonlit “mackerel sky”, Janean … and the verse, if so I may call it, is nicely laconic without leaving out anything that is needed to set the scene, as it were.

    • Thank you, kind sir, der W. I’ve never heard the term, “mackerel sky.” Care to enlighten me? Please. ~Janean

      • Ah … I thought it was common parlance … It’s called that because the clouds seem to resemble the scales of a mackerel, at least in the imagination of some.

      • I love that description! My father is a fisherman and I joined him as soon as I grew into a lifejacket. Thank you for the explanation. I am all about using one’s imagination. ~Janean

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