Playin’ Catch Up

I Haven't Forgotten You
Been Busy with "Good Stuff"
Livin' Life
Lovin' my Family
Creatin' Art
Goin' Adventuring
Sharin' My Heart
Helpin' Here and There
Writin' Blog Posts In My Head
Makin' Quick Notes
On Scratch Paper
To Catch the Thought
Before it's Lost
So I Can Come Back
To the Glimmer of It
When I have Some Time
For Playin' Catch Up
Today Is The Day

Just thought I'd give you Fair Warning that I wasn't done talking about the month of April 2011 and All It Held For Me. It was Packed With "Good Stuff" and "God Stuff" too. I loved the week mid-month that I was able to write nearly every day. It Felt So Good to be On A Roll writing the words that bubble up from Somewhere Inside Me. They just have to be Said Aloud, whether spoken, typed or written long hand (which is still my favorite way to write). When I used that expression, "Writing Long Hand" in conversation, T.J.B., my oldest son said, "What is THAT?" I replied, "When you write in cursive." As a Scrawler, who can't take the time to cross his t's and dot his i's, that is NOT his favorite way to write. He'd rather print in a random combination of upper and lower case letters. However, if you want to be able To Actually Read It, you're going to HOPE HE TYPES IT. Especially since He's Like His Mama and has A Lot Of Words and Something To Say.

© 2011 Janean Baird, Turquoise Tangles


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