Chocolate For Breakfast

Last night before bed, A.T.B., my youngest, told our cat, Snuggles, not to chase the Bunny that was going to be getting eggs out of the refrigerator to hide. How I love him and the fact that he still believes in the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and Santa. My heart squeezes knowing it won't be for much longer. It's amazing he's nearing the end of second grade and these Childhood Legends are still real to him. I'm proud of my oldest son not ruining it for his little brother and playin' along – for just a little longer.

I am thankful I set my alarm last night. It's a rare thing since I'm usually awake before the sun. However, this morning I needed to be out of bed in time to get the Easter eggs hidden. Amazingly I finished hiding 28 eggs, with the empty cartons stowed in the fridge, before my boys came barreling down the stairs like elephants. Today I really am the Easter Bunny. At This House anyway. It's Easter Sunday today. It's not about the Rabbit though. Or even the Chocolate. It's a CELEBRATION that HE IS RISEN! What a wonderful day of rejoicing and celebration! First and foremost, because the tomb was empty and Jesus, the Son of God, rose from the dead, after a brutal death on the cross by crucifixion just a few days before. He died for our sins so that we could receive Eternal Life if we accept Him as our Personal Savior. HALLELUJAH!

However, My Children are also rejoicing and celebrating because it's the day they are allowed to have Chocolate for Breakfast. I'll never forget the first year this Rare Privilege was revealed. If only I had a picture of the Shocked Look on my husband's face and Thrilled Surprise on my oldest son's. T.J.B. was smart enough, even then, to not miss this Rare Opportunity as he dove in with the first decadent bite. Several years passed. Another son was born. One who loves chocolate even more than his older brother. Nearly as much as I do, if that is possible. He knows how to enjoy it thoroughly too. Unlike his In A Hurry Mama, A.T.B. takes careful Mouse Bites, stopping to savor the flavor between microscopic chocolate nibbles. For your information, Mouse Bites are also utilized for food he doesn't want to eat – like green beans. But with some salt added he's getting the hang of eating those as well.

So today, before their father got home from workin' Night Shift, My Boys had Chocolate Bunny for breakfast. Just like I got to do when I was their age. To clarify, A.T.B. just ate the ears and T.J.B. took the head off. Both saving the rest in the fridge for later in the day.

The best quote of all was when I asked them what Real Food they wanted to eat, along with their Easter Candy, and A.T.B. said, "I thought THIS was breakfast?!" as he held up his Candy Filled Airplane Shaped Easter Basket. Not quite. But he did make me smile and laugh aloud.

My Dear Friend, Rachael, wrote, "I thought chocolate WAS "REAL FOOD"!" as a comment on my Facebook status update. I do LOVE how she thinks and replied, "Chocolate is Soul Food. At this house anyway. A Necessity to Life. Much like breathing." It sure helps ME get through the day. Two squares of Dark Chocolate. Please and Thank You.

It's Easter Afternoon now. Breakfast, Church and Lunch are all behind us. The day marches on. The Chocolate Bunnies are getting smaller. One is bound to disappear before the other. It won't be long. Most days we try to limit ourselves to a Two Treats A Day rule. Just a little something sweet after lunch and supper. Today that rule is lifted. Anything goes. There are Two Happy Chocolate Filled Boys living' here today with a Serene and Peaceful Mama satisfied with two squares of Ghirardelli Dark 60% Cacao. No Chocolate Bunny for me. But that's OK. Since Easter is about Jesus, not Rascally Rabbits. Chocolate or otherwise.

© 2011 Janean Baird, Turquoise Tangles


2 thoughts on “Chocolate For Breakfast

  1. Instead of "Like Water For Elephants"…it was "Like Chocolate For Breakfast" at your house…as it was here. Although it was even more-so "Like Eggs For Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner" here!! Kensie is an egg eating machine…and I'm afraid I'll pay for it later! May little "tooter butt"!

  2. Kevin, we ate eggs all day yesterday here too. Well, some of us did… I nearly posted this as my Facebook status today, "Janean Baird ate A LOT OF EGGS yesterday – fried for breakfast (with bacon and toast), egg salad for lunch (on whole wheat) and deviled for supper (with oven baked chicken, cornbread from scratch and green beans). The Incredible Edible Egg." But after an innocent status update that mentioned granola bars took a fiber turn that I didn't see coming I decided not to risk it today.

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