he gets it from you (A.T.B.)

he gets it from you
our youngest son
not a morning person
a night owl like his father
energized by moonlight
an impish grin
freckles on his nose
precision drawing
neater ways
a tough guy
on the outside
you won't see him cry
he holds the hurt inside
this boy needs a lot of space
he plays it close
no crowding please
he has hugs for his mama
and cuddles too
lucky me
the stubborn is from us both
that's only fair to say
he got a double helping
heaven help us along the way

I wrote this poem for my youngest son earlier this month as a companion to, "he gets it from me (T.J.B.)". This very recent self portrait was drawn in pencil and crayon earlier this month (May 2011) by A.T.B. in 2nd grade. I especially love the big smile on his face, the precision of his pencil marks and the strong bold color and strokes he colored his torso with. He's Passionate, That One. I've been using that adjective to describe him for years because I admire his strength and stubborn resolve when he believes so thoroughly that he's right. While it can Make Parenting More Of A Challenge (than it already is) I wouldn't want him any other way.

Here's a link to the companion poem, "he gets it from me T.J.B."

© 2011 Janean Baird, Turquoise Tangles


4 thoughts on “he gets it from you (A.T.B.)

  1. Anonymous writes:Janean,You see deeply into your sons,and use their art as a key to what makes them tick.What a good Mom you are!Aunt Janet

  2. Aunt Janet, Thank you for the Mom Kudos. I've always said my two boys are Night and Day. I wouldn't want it any other way. They are each such unique and amazing individuals and I marvel at their talents and strengths and wonder what they will be Someday when they Grow Up and Move Into The World On Their Own. ~ Janean

  3. Thank you, Zena! I am rather proud of him, and his many talents and abilities. He's A Sweet One! 🙂

  4. Funny drawings from your youngest son and nice poem…:yes:

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