Best Compliment Ever

I received The Best Compliment Ever on Monday, May 23, 2011. The School Day was done and my youngest son had a friend over for A Play Date. They'd already eaten an after school snack, watched "Tom and Jerry" cartoons and played some wii. It was time to throw them outside to play. Even though they'd both spent the day on a second grade field trip with trampoline jumping, snake spotting, delicious grilled food for lunch followed by cake and ice cream for dessert. There was a candy filled pinata too.

My son wanted his friend from school to meet his friend next door. The three boys made their own fun, as boys are known to do. Until the fun abruptly ended and the bickering began. That was my cue to offer them some ice water to drink or better yet, a frozen treat. The only popsicle-like treat we had on hand were some Icee brand frozen cups, in their choice of either blue raspberry or wild cherry flavor. Or as I usually ask the children, "Do you want red or blue?" These particular treats my children and I discovered by accident at The Dollar Tree, where everything is $1.00 or less. They know it's the one place I'm more likely to say, "Yes" to a, "Mom, can we get this?" than any other store.

After I handed out 25¢ frozen icee treats and spoons, my son's School Friend leaned close to him, and I overheard him whisper, "Your Mom is Cool". It was all I could do not to react with a heel clicking jump and joyful shout. Those Words Made My Day. I haven't felt cool for awhile, unless I was standing near a fan or walking through the Frozen Food Section of the grocery store. I'm Realistic Enough to know it's fleeting. This Coolness in the eyes of my children's friends. But I'm also Smart Enough to Take What I Can Get.

© 2011 Janean Baird, Turquoise Tangles


6 thoughts on “Best Compliment Ever

  1. Ellen writes:I love it. Congrats on bein' a cool mom. I never really felt like a cool mom, myself, but Leah's friends all seem to think I'm cool, and so does she…so I know exactly the jubilation you felt at hearing that comment. It's one of those little things that keep us goin'! 🙂

  2. Thanks, Ellen! Compliments are few and far between anyway, and they mean even more coming from children, who we all know Say What They Think, especially at this age. OF COURSE you're a Cool Mom. You're open and honest about The Trials of Life and you have High Expectations and High Standards for your children. But you Love 'Em BIG and they know it from the top of their shiny heads to the tips of their toes. ~ From One Cool Mom To Another, with LOVE

  3. Anonymous writes:Janean,Not only are you a "cool mom," but you are a Good Mom. Having that foundation with a soupçon of coolness works nicely.Aunt Janet

  4. Thank you, Aunt Janet. I'd rather be a Good Mom than a Cool Mom any day of the week. Love, Janean

  5. Anonymous writes:Love it sweet sister of mine . Sarah Ann

  6. Thank you, Sarah. 🙂 I loved seeing those three, almost 3rd grade boys, with their heads close together as they ate their Icee snack. Best of all is that the two boys in black with the same first name were also both wearing sea creature shirts too. One was wearing jellyfish and the other was sporting sharks. His mother and I smiled at their similar clothing that day, because we sure didn't plan it!

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