sometimes life throws you curve balls

sometimes life throws you curve balls
when you're still just warming up
batter up
do your best
keep watching
the ump is crouched nearby
if it's ball four
you might get to take your base
keep your eye on the ball
trust your instincts
take a swing
listen for that sound
better to connect
and run like hell
heading for first base
than hear strike three
you're out

Sometimes life throws you curve balls
those pitches can be tricky
hold your ground
say a prayer
keep doing what you're doing
watch for the signals
trust your gut
you'll know it when you see it
that magic pitch
that's thrown just right
in the sweet spot
across home plate
when it comes
and you connect
hit the ground a runnin'
go full speed
keep on goin'
run on home
to the cheers from fans
it's your time to shine

sometimes life throws you curve balls
and you have to come out swinging
just take it as it comes
hoping for a fast ball
thrown right down the middle
strike one
ball one
hopefully no outs
not yet
it's too soon
the inning is still young
not me
it's not my turn
you go first
I'll wait and be up later
it's those tricky curve balls
the ones you don't see comin'
watch out
don't get hit by 'em
they'll knock you off your stride
if the catcher isn't ready
could be a wild pitch
adrenaline rushing
standing at home
not knowing what's coming next
no more curve balls

Written in the middle of the night, when I couldn't sleep on Thursday, May 26, 2011. I apologize for any inaccurate Baseball Lingo. To say, "I'm not a Sports Person" is an understatement. Although I did play YMCA softball one summer when I was in grade school. I was catcher. Since then, I've watched (and napped) through my fair share of baseball games on TV. So far my sons are Soccer Players. Their only baseball is played with a whiffle ball and plastic bat in the backyard.

Now to get to the polarizing part of any baseball related commentary…I was raised a Cardinal and married a Cub. Truth be told I probably watched more Cub baseball, with Harry Carey announcing, than Cardinal games as a kid. That was back when Ryne Sandberg was playin' second base for the Cubs, Ozzie Smith was short stop for the Cardinals and Willie McGee was in the outfield. Other than the 1998 season when Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa's were vying for The Most Home Runs, I haven't learned the names of any players. It's just Off My Radar.

Although, I bought My First Cub T-shirt this spring. It was Secondhand But Brand New, with the tags from the original store still attached. I haven't worn it yet. Even though it's The Official Team of the Baird Family, I feel like a traitor if I done Cub Blue instead of Cardinal Red. Not that I truly care that much one way or the other. The Guilt probably goes back to when my oldest son was just a few months old, way back in 2000. He was dressed in an outfit my parents had given him with "Cardinals" written across the front of white with red pinstripes cotton baby wear. That particular day my in laws stopped by for a visit. My father in law took one look at his grandson wearing "Cardinals" clothing and said, "Well, I'm not going to hold him if he's wearing THAT." I replied, "Well, that's Your Choice then, because I'm not changing his clothes." Needless to say, after that Stand Off, I Learned Fast to dress him as a Cub Fan when we were with His Dad's Side Of The Family, and as a Cardinal Fan with mine. That system worked well until they could declare themselves Cub Fans. My mother still teases them and says, "Are you sure you don't want to drink out of my Cardinal cup?" They shriek, "NO!" in an adamant way my father in law would approve of with a proud grin.

A Cub game was on the TV in the delivery room on the day my youngest son was born on a Sunday afternoon in July 2003. The kind of day made for watching baseball. I was calmer and more confident in the delivery room the second time around. My Wonderful Husband was very much There When I Needed Him, but he also had time for some TV and snacks this time around. It also helped that A.T.B. was more in a hurry to be born than his Big Brother had been. He's stayed In Constant Motion ever since.

…and I'm Rambling About Baseball, because I'm not ready to talk about The Curve Ball. Not. Quite. Yet.

© 2011 Janean Baird, Turquoise Tangles


4 thoughts on “sometimes life throws you curve balls

  1. Anonymous writes:You will handle this curve ball with graceful courage. We will all stay strong and not let the ball knock us over. Mom told me recently if she could do anything over again …" I would pray more and worry less." I love you best sister in the world! Sarah

  2. Aunt Janet, I LOVE knowing that you and Miss M are going to a Cardinal game this week! WHAT FUN for you both! We have been to their new stadium and it's AMAZING! The game we went to there was with a school group. Our seats were one row away from the tip top of the nosebleed section, nearly as far away from the field as you could get…and it wasn't because we were worried about Cardinal Cooties either. And yes, "May the heavens be merciful." Thank you for that. Love.

  3. Our mother is SO SMART! We're definitely turning worry into prayer. A saying that's stuck with me is, "Sorrow looks back. Worry looks around. Faith looks UP." We're keeping our eyes on Him and know it's in His hands. He's got this one covered and it'll all be for His Glory. LOVE YOU MUCH, Sarah Ann!

  4. Anonymous writes:Janean,You are a miracle. Writer, artist, inspiring down-to-earth woman, funny and all in the midst of crisis. May the heavens be merciful.On a lighter note…I am taking M. to a Cardinal game this week. Sitting in the dug-out seats.Janet Riehl

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