The Man I Married

He's an Artist
I'm one too
He's Objective
I'm Abstract
He's Shades of Gray
I'm All About Color
He's a Realist
I'm a Dreamer
He's Half Empty
I'm Half Full
He Moseys
I Power Walk
He's Straight Lines
I'm Curvy
He's a Country Boy
I'm a City Girl
He's Quiet
I'm a Talker
He has Good Pitch
I Sing Off Key
He's Reserved
I'm Outgoing
He's Up On Politics
I'm Less Tuned In
He's Patient
I'm Impatient
He's Precise
I'm Close Counts
He's Always Early
I'm Nick of Time
He's a Spender
I'm a Saver
He's a Prankster
I'm Too Serious
Two Halves
Of One Whole
Opposite Attract

This poem is one of three that I wrote all together earlier this month from overlapping thoughts in my mind. I knew it was done when I thought of "one more thing" and when I went to add it, it was already there. For my husband of nearly 14 years. Our Wedding Anniversary is next week. In July, it'll be 19 years of togetherness, if you start counting from our First Date. We were "just friends" for a few years before that as we sat together in art classes, joked after hours in the art building and talked in the gallery while I was guarding the artwork for my on campus job. Not to be too punny, but we were Drawn Together. At the April Art Circle meeting, as we discussed and pondered the Phenomenon of Opposites Attract, Jen George summed it up best when she said, "Because Fire and Ice makes a lot of Really Cool Steam."

The tile, illustrating this poem, was a Gift from my oldest son, to his father and I, for Christmas last year (2010). It was a Classroom Project, created at a local Paint Your Own Ceramics place. When I opened it on Christmas morning, it felt like it could be an Old Fashioned Coat of Arms for our family. So Love Him for knowing this in his Child's Heart even before I knew it in mine. I like to think that I'm the red brush and my husband is blue. Though, it can depend on the day sometimes as to which one of us is more fiery. Thankfully we balance each other well.

P.S. My conscience requires that next to, "He Moseys" I add an astericks (*) because if we're Walking In The Woods he can take those hills much better than I can. It's on concrete and flat terrain that I pick up some speed. Needless to say, we're still workin' on learnin' how to Pace Ourselves and match our gaits to each other, even all these years later.

Companion poems are:
"he gets it from me (T.J.B.)"

"he gets it from you (A.T.B.)"

© 2011 Janean Baird, Turquoise Tangles


6 thoughts on “The Man I Married

  1. Anonymous writes:Janean (and other half)…fun and insightful poem perfect for an upcoming wedding anniversary.To have the picture by your son makes it a family affair.Aunt Janet

  2. Shelley writes:Janean -I love this. Thanks for sharing how great opposites can be. Have a wonderful week.

  3. Shelley, You are SO WELCOME! Of course, there are A Lot of Similarities too…but some days it's THE OPPOSITES that are SO GLARING. Hope you have a Wonderful Week as well. ~ Janean

  4. Thank you, Aunt Janet. On a weekend visit to Evergreen Heights a few years ago, Grandpa said to me, "You've got A Good Man there." I whole heartily agree and coming from Grrrrrr the compliment means even more. ~ Janean

  5. Janean, beautiful. I know this was written a long time ago, but I had to comment on “Drawn Together.” One of my friends met her husband on the volleyball court and they got married and she says it was love at first spike.

    Thought you might appreciate a chuckle.

    God bless you.

  6. Thank you for sharing the “love at first spike” smile, Jill. Love is grand. Happy for them to have found one another. It was good for me to reread “The Man I Married” and remember. It all still stands. I posted this poem of contrasts two days before his colorectal cancer diagnosis on May 25, 2011. We didn’t know what was coming, but God did. He prepared the way for us. Deuteronomy 31:8 says it best, “And the Lord, he it is that doth go before thee; he will be with thee, he will not fail thee, neither forsake thee: fear not, neither be dismayed.” I love this verse filled with His promises and the reminder that nothing surprises God, so fear not. May His peace be with you.

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