I am Living Offline today.
If you need me call.
I may answer.
Otherwise, please be patient and know I'll reply later.
I always do.
~ Janean

This is the automated Vacation Response I set up for my e-mail in box yesterday. I may set it up for today too, after replying to the notes waiting for me there. I needed to UNPLUG and WALK AWAY because I couldn't sit and read all the beautiful notes and outpouring of love for my husband and our family in His Cancer Fight with tears running down my face all day long. And if I was logged on – I'd be readin' 'em.

However, I forgot to tell my Facebook Friends and they missed me. I so enjoyed reading their wall posts and joining in some fun conversations when I logged back on late last night and posted this status update, "Janean Baird Spent A Whole Day Unplugged On Purpose Today which was a very good thing. Did some errands alone this morning, registered my boys for school next year, took a nap, visited with my brother and nephew, made supper, talked to a faraway friend and then went outside to catch fireflies with my boys before cuddling my youngest son to sleep and seeing my hubby off to work for his first shift back in awhile. Good stuff."

Going to Power Down, Unplug and Put Away My Laptop again today. First thing on my agenda after breakfast is to hoe the weeds and stupid thistles out of my garden today. Then I'm going to stay offline all day again. I can do it. I have to.

© 2011, Janean Baird Turquoise Tangles


2 thoughts on “unplugged

  1. Anonymous writes:"Unplugged," the photo.Waiting for the photo exhibition that results from this online photo-journaling.Your graphics/art self comes out strongly as your writing voice grows stronger.Affectionately,Auntie J.

  2. Dear Aunt Janet, I recently missed a salon discussion at a local gallery about Narrative Art. Hoping to hear about it someday from someone who WAS able to attend. As much as I love Writing and I love Art Making it feels even better To Put The Two Together. You'll enjoy knowing I took this picture a few months ago to illustrate my Facebook status update on March 22, 2011, "Janean Baird is unplugging for an overnight road trip." Evergreen Heights was the destination. Love,Janean

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