the morning storm

a storm rages
outside my window
tress tops blowin'
rain fast fallin'
thunder rumblin'
flashes of lightenin'
black cloud hangin'
high overhead

suits my mood
this outward storm
awake too early
as it is
just couldn't sleep
any longer
might as well get up
a new day has begun

sittin' here
in a quiet room
except for the
hum of my computer
and tappin' on the keys
pitter pat of the rain
growl of the thunder
whooshin' of the wind
cat sleepin' at my feet

inside of me
tempest tossed
emotions swirl
of the unknown
so much love
tears can't help but fall

a storm without
a storm within
it suits my mood
the power
and the turmoil

the sky grows brighter
the tears are over
the thunder is quieter
in the distance now
rain will soon end
and that'll be the end of
the morning storm
on the outside

Written on June 20, 2011 as the storm raged without and within.

© 2011, Janean Baird Turquoise Tangles


19 thoughts on “the morning storm

  1. Thank you, Bohemian Charm. Something about turmoil that makes for Great Poetry. *sigh*Writing it helps though. It's The Truth. Feels good To Just Say It! ~ Janean

  2. BohemianCharm

    # inside of me
    tempet tossed
    emotions swirl
    of the unknow
    so much love
    tears cant help but fall #

    so sad..:(

    nice.. janean

  3. BohemianCharm

    for me hav to turmoil in the emotions that will make feel to write it….It will flow like the water to my fingers…Yep feel good to just wanna say it..:)

  4. Aww , so touching . . :awww: But I love those words . . :up: Full of emotion . .

  5. Thank you, risis. It's been Quite A Morning here but feelin' calmer now. A Good Thing and A God Thing. Bohemian Charm, I know what you mean about the words flowing forth. I keep saying they bubble up from somewhere deep within. I can't believe how many words I've written in recent weeks. That's so many less words I've spoken, making for A Quieter World Around Me. ~ Janean

  6. 🙂 i un'stand wt u meant abt ur poetry….but i hav a prob to explain it *my english language too bad*hav many things in deep within of each person…we cloudnt count it but all almost wil hav it a u wrote it in ur poetry ..

  7. You said it beautifully, Bohemian Charm, when you wrote, "It will flow like the water to my fingers…" So lovely and true. I was just saying I'd used a different word picture to describe the same sensation. It's a wonderful thing. Truly. For both of us. 🙂

  8. BohemianCharm

    🙂 thank you..Hav a good day /hav swt dreamsthe moonlight wil give u get warm in the nightandthe sunshine wil give u get idea to write in the day..:)

  9. Originally posted by BohemianCharm:

    Hav a good day /hav swt dreamsthe moonlight wil give u get warm in the nightandthe sunshine wil give u get idea to write in the day..

    Thank you for the balm of your words, Bohemian Charm. Yes. Exactly that. *happy sigh*

  10. BohemianCharm


  11. lokutus-prime

    Beautiful poem, expressed so creatively. Well done indeed :up:

  12. Thank you, John, lokutus-prime. Feel like I'm wingin' it on The Poetry Front. It's caught me so by surprise. Usually I ramble but in poetry I can just say it. Short and concise. (For me, anyway.)

  13. lokutus-prime

    I know what you mean. I been writing poetry in OC since 2004 – and for most of my life – but I am not always short and concise. So you have a quality I lack.

  14. You're not lacking AT ALL, John. We each have our own voice and gifts given from above. See, me, I'm a rambler. I can go on and on and on… Whether in sentences and paragraphs or in stanzas that never seem to end. Here's an earlier post, from before we ever "met". It's presented here as one mega poem but I think actually there are two or three within.

  15. Janean, yes that is true. We are what we are and also we can hope to be true to ourselves. I have written long poems too, but in the main they tend to be not so long as to make my readers bored (this is a hope on my part of course) and I am mainly, though not exclusively, a "rhyming poet".I'll take a look at your link and then come back with a separate comment.Please accept my thanks for your courtesy and kindness 🙂

  16. John, I just have to follow the thought until it feels "through". I'm writing them for me. Because I just have to right now. This is still so new for me. As is "having readers". A heady feeling all it's own. Thanks right back for readin' what I wrote. 🙂

  17. Well, I have been writing for a mighty long time. Janean. I've traveled the world, seen and experienced many wonderful things, including a successful career in broadcasting (behind the scenes) and so I think I know a thing or two about quality when I perceive it. Now I stand in the presence of a Master of Language. The poem I have just read is breathtaking in scope and the richness of your narrative gives me a pleasure that I shall describe when I comment on your poem at the other page. Newton is reputed to have said "If I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants." I see further because of brilliant and remarkable writers such as yourself. This is not flattery, because by definition flattery is "excessive and insincere praise, esp. that given to further one's own interests". I say it as a fulsome compliment and justly deserved by you, my friend. 🙂

  18. Wowza, John. My head will surely get too big for my shoulders to hold up if you say too much more. I'm not being coy when I say, "Really?!" because your praise of my writing knocks me off my feet. Thank you for clarifying that you're not just blowing smoke or being kind. I hear you as you mean it. Again, I'll say a simple, "Thank you." Please know it's heartfelt to overflowing.

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