lookin’ for a rainbow

on rain filled days
when the sun comes out
while the rain is still a fallin'
I lift my face to the sky above
lookin' for a rainbow
it's not a pot of gold I seek
to find for earthly riches
it's the warm glow
felt deep inside
of God's Promise to Noah
still lighting up the firmament
in translucent shades of
red, orange, yellow, green
blue, indigo and violet
the day will come
when the rain and sun
merge "just right"
and I will finally see one
His timing is perfect
until then I'll keep on
lookin' for a rainbow
with my face turned up
toward Him

I can easily find the rainbow pictured here on sunny mornings in my home. You see, I have Rainbows In My Kitchen whenever sunlight shines through the prism than dangles and dances in my East facing kitchen window. It's the elusive Rainbow In The Sky that I have yet to see. At least in recent history. That's why yesterday afternoon, when I was greeted by simultaneous sprinkles and sunshine as I walked out the door, I was sure This Was The Day I'd see a rainbow overhead. I lifted my face and turned all around, facing each direction. No such luck. It wasn't to be. But I'm still glad I tried to find one because I love the feel of raindrops on my upturned face and the splash of puddles beneath my bare feet, though I was wearing sandals.

On July 19, 2011, a little over a month ago now, during a gentle evening rain, I sat on the front porch and watched the rain fall. The sky was glowing, as sunset fell, and I hoped This Might Be The Day I saw a rainbow. It wasn't. However, there was this arch shaped glow in the sky. Not colorful enough to be a rainbow but beautiful, and a sign from Him nonetheless. A reminder to me to Keep Looking Up, especially In This Storm of my husband's cancer diagnosis and treatment. God is here, holding us, carrying us and helping us through it all. When I do see A Real Rainbow in the sky, someday soon I hope, I'll feel like it's there just for me, and my family, as His Promise that everything will be OK from here. For awhile anyway. Until The Next Storm Comes.

© 2011, Janean Baird Turquoise Tangles


6 thoughts on “lookin’ for a rainbow

  1. I used to see rainbows frequently when I lived in Florida, but now that I am in Virginia, I seem to see them far less frequently. Or maybe I haven't taken the time to get out and look for them. If I have forgeotten to look for rainbows, then shame on me!

  2. Kay, I think some areas of the country have them more frequently than others. That HAS to be it?! Though sometimes people in my same town will say, "Did you see the rainbow?" and sadly, I didn't. May we each see one soon. Hopefully yours will be after Irene loses velocity and weakens to a tropical storm and turns into a summer rain with sunshine by the time she reaches your doorstep. ~ Janean

  3. Janean, That would be the BEST time to see a rainbow!

  4. Sorry for butting in with something completely different. I like your story – and poem. But I would love to hear you read your poetry. Any chance you can grace this place with an mp3? It makes so much difference when I can hear the writer's intention…Here in Thailand it depends on the time of year; especially in May and October (the first and last months of the rainy season) there are lots of them.

  5. Hi, Ben. Glad you CHIMED in. John gave me a tip on some FREE mp3 recording software… I'll give it a whirl, even though I cringe when I hear my voice and think, "Really?! THIS is what I sound like?!" Sounds like the Rainbow…I mean Rainy Season, is heading your way soon…enjoy the ROY G. BIV color spectrum overhead for me too.

  6. Originally posted by jbaird:

    FREE mp3 recording software…

    I use Linux; don't have any issues finding that… :)Originally posted by jbaird:

    "Really?! THIS is what I sound like?!"

    Don't we all… Don't we all! :DOriginally posted by jbaird:

    Sounds like the Rainbow…I mean Rainy Season, is heading your way soon…

    The rainbows are; the rainy season is nearly over – in calendar days. The majority of the rain still has to fall. I'll try to take some pictures when it rains during the day. I just remembered I started something on this back in May – or April? When the first real rain fell…

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