my thirsty soul


You offer overflowing love
to everyone else and
leave nothing for yourself

You hope to save
a lost soul
but you don’t even
know how to save
your own

You give too much
water to the thirsty
and forget about
the thirst in your throat

Now look in the mirror
and see what you’ve become
Remember that the
things you offer to people
you can offer yourself too

THANK YOU MUCH, for this beautiful reminder to feed our own soul. My mother’s advice is, “Put yourself on The List”. Several friends advised, “Boundaries”, when they noticed my thirsty soul, and then encouraged me to pursue the things that water it. Making and teaching art, and writing poetry and prose, is The Best Thirst Quencher In The World, for me. Art and Writing are My Oasis In The Desert.
~ Janean

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