Today is a mystery

Today is a mystery

sort of wide open

with things that need done

not sure I want to do any of them

so I will do some

one appointment I won’t miss

and no, it’s not the dentist

I hope it’s filled

with family and friends

with laughter,

smiles, hugs and grins

the tears need to stay at bay

I don’t have time

for you today

so far

so good

© 2011 Turquoise Tangles 

December 1, 2011

Today’s the day.

My fortieth birthday. 

Glad you’re finally here. 

I’m baking a cake to celebrate.

It’s goin’ in the oven soon.

We’ll eat it after supper for dessert.

Taking my boys to school.

Lunch with my mom and sister in law.

We’re The December Birthday Girls.

Goin’ to Red Lobster. 

Seeing a friend about some cookies. 

They will be the Art Club snack. 

Settin’ up for Club. 

Makin’ art, with a roomful of energetic children.

My sons included.

Then Home. 

For the rest of the night. 

It’s going to be A Good Day.

How can it not be?

Family, Friends, Art, Cookies, Cake and Home.

Sounds like The Perfect Day to me. 

I’m plannin’ to ROCK forty…

it is The New Thirty after all. 



on Thanksgiving Eve

the sounds of children playing

drift up through the floorboards

and travel up the basement stairs

the sound of the television drones on

one room over

I am sitting alone

as darkness falls

all around





time to wash the floor

time to wash the turkey

time to cook the cranberries

time to cook the giblets

time to think about supper

for my family


I see the sun set 

through the front window

from pale gold on the horizon

to the palest of rose 

moving skyward

the houses and bare trees

stand out in silhouette

this is me


on Thanksgiving Eve

© Turquoise Tangles

my thirsty soul


You offer overflowing love
to everyone else and
leave nothing for yourself

You hope to save
a lost soul
but you don’t even
know how to save
your own

You give too much
water to the thirsty
and forget about
the thirst in your throat

Now look in the mirror
and see what you’ve become
Remember that the
things you offer to people
you can offer yourself too

THANK YOU MUCH, for this beautiful reminder to feed our own soul. My mother’s advice is, “Put yourself on The List”. Several friends advised, “Boundaries”, when they noticed my thirsty soul, and then encouraged me to pursue the things that water it. Making and teaching art, and writing poetry and prose, is The Best Thirst Quencher In The World, for me. Art and Writing are My Oasis In The Desert.
~ Janean