Time to play, “The Matching Game.” It was my husband who collected Hallmark ornaments. First Star Trek and then later, when they were released, Star Wars. He always said they were worth more if we kept the boxes too. Unpacking boxes and unwrapping from bubble wrap to hang them on the tree. Then, less than a month later, pairing up the ornament with the picture on the box and wrapping them up in plastic bubble protection once more. Love. His for space movies and their universe of collectibles. Mine for him. Our sons share his love of SciFi. I’m boxing them up carefully because someday this collection will be divided between my boys and hang in their respective homes. When that day comes there will be room on my tree for different ornaments. You know, all the non-SciFi ones.

January 1, 2014
I’m still procrastinating by writing, but at least I started AND I’m standing up!

on Thanksgiving Eve

the sounds of children playing

drift up through the floorboards

and travel up the basement stairs

the sound of the television drones on

one room over

I am sitting alone

as darkness falls

all around





time to wash the floor

time to wash the turkey

time to cook the cranberries

time to cook the giblets

time to think about supper

for my family


I see the sun set 

through the front window

from pale gold on the horizon

to the palest of rose 

moving skyward

the houses and bare trees

stand out in silhouette

this is me


on Thanksgiving Eve

© Turquoise Tangles

spelling, google and homonyms

I’ve never considered myself A Good Speller. I doubt, and second guess myself all the time. One s, or two? How many r’s? Is there an e at the end of that? I have an old fashioned dictionary. The kind made of paper, and bound together, as a book. Actually more than one. However, I’m sort of in love with google. It’s a plethora of information waiting at my fingertips. It’s A Good Dictionary too. I learned a new word today. While looking for another. All because I thought it should be spelled with a z. (And I still do.) Thanks to google, I learned a new word and found a homonym. Those fascinating words that sound the same as another but mean different things. 

I googled, “braziere”. What came up was, “brazier: (noun) One who makes brass articles.” Who knew? I didn’t. And I made metal sculpture in college. I was a gas welder. Though instead of making a beaded weld, I brazed. From Wikipedia, “Braze welding is the use of a bronze or brass filler rod coated with flux to join steel workpieces.” Guess I found two homonyms today, since you can braise a chicken too. But I digress. 

In my original word search, I changed the z to a double s and hit success. Brassiere. The fancy schmancy longer word for bra. All that, just so I could type this sentence to my friend, without the embarrassment of a misspelled word, “I’m dressed in soft, non-binding clothes, except that trap of a brassier that society requires I wear for my voluptuous rack.”

And this is me, procrastinating from NaNoWriMo writing that I really will get around to doing today. Right after a Caring Bridge update I promised my sister, and some other loved ones, that’d I’d write next. I better get right on that. (Homonyms are fun.)

~ Janean