spelling, google and homonyms

I’ve never considered myself A Good Speller. I doubt, and second guess myself all the time. One s, or two? How many r’s? Is there an e at the end of that? I have an old fashioned dictionary. The kind made of paper, and bound together, as a book. Actually more than one. However, I’m sort of in love with google. It’s a plethora of information waiting at my fingertips. It’s A Good Dictionary too. I learned a new word today. While looking for another. All because I thought it should be spelled with a z. (And I still do.) Thanks to google, I learned a new word and found a homonym. Those fascinating words that sound the same as another but mean different things. 

I googled, “braziere”. What came up was, “brazier: (noun) One who makes brass articles.” Who knew? I didn’t. And I made metal sculpture in college. I was a gas welder. Though instead of making a beaded weld, I brazed. From Wikipedia, “Braze welding is the use of a bronze or brass filler rod coated with flux to join steel workpieces.” Guess I found two homonyms today, since you can braise a chicken too. But I digress. 

In my original word search, I changed the z to a double s and hit success. Brassiere. The fancy schmancy longer word for bra. All that, just so I could type this sentence to my friend, without the embarrassment of a misspelled word, “I’m dressed in soft, non-binding clothes, except that trap of a brassier that society requires I wear for my voluptuous rack.”

And this is me, procrastinating from NaNoWriMo writing that I really will get around to doing today. Right after a Caring Bridge update I promised my sister, and some other loved ones, that’d I’d write next. I better get right on that. (Homonyms are fun.)

~ Janean