Big Day here


Yesterday was a lilac scented morning walk, filling and delivering 100 water balloons to the park for the fifth grade picnic, attending junior high chapel presented by eighth grade, and more. Today started with another morning walk, though birdsong was more noticeable than the still blooming lilacs. It will be a quieter morning inside than usual because my oldest gets to sleep in a bit, not needed at school until midday for pictures and practicing for eighth grade graduation. No caps and gowns, just dressed up with a tie, but not the Star Wars one that he really wants to wear because it is against the rules this time. Half a day of school for my fifth grader because I'm springing him early for the 2pm ceremony. Cake after. Store bought. Big day here. Hoping for more smiles than tears. My, but that was a fast school year.

May 23, 2014


4 thoughts on “Big Day here

  1. Lilacs is groovy.
    How you holdin’ up, kid?

    • Yes, lilacs is groovy. I looked forward to their blooms and breathing in their scent. The iris are showing off now and then the peonies with some overlap. Spring has been extra beautiful. Greenest greens. Melodious birdsong. All the flowers. More warm days than showers. Savoring lilac time right now.

      As for the other… Oh. Well… Holding up OK. Thanks for asking. That’s sorta my standard answer. Moving slow. Simplifying living down to enough-ness. Taking care of the boys, pets, house, yard and me. Getting there. Finding the joy in every day, even if it is a weepy one, because joy is a wonderful gift and smiles are meant to be shared.

      • Life is a damned puzzle sometimes, ain’t it? They say the Lord moveth in mysterious ways, and I believe it; He’s got me buffaloed most of the time.
        You find, and you lose, then you find again, usually something you didn’t know you wanted or could use. I just figure that someone’s watching out for me, because I’m sure not. Whoever it is … I don’t know who’s cranking, I’m just glad he doesn’t stop.
        And Gr? Still with you?
        I know my lost one is looking in, every now and then … I’ll catch a chuckle of amusement that isn’t mine, though it’s exactly what I would have laughed at … she’s there, and her mind is still meshed with mine. Later on, you may discover something similar.
        Take care … he left his most precious gift for you … the boys, though it might not always seem so precious. (Don’t get me started!)

  2. Yes, life is a puzzle.
    Yes, The Lord moves in mysterious ways.
    He’s got me buffaloed too.
    (Great expression!)
    The future is not ours to know.
    We have today as a precious gift and the promise of enough for today from Him.
    Praise God!
    (And we do.)
    He is watching out for the boys and I too.
    Again and again.

    Yes, Grr is still with us.
    An amazing marvel of a man.
    98 1/2 years on planet Earth.
    Still doling out wisdom.
    Still singing snippets of songs.
    Still watching over the generations born after him.

    The boys are the best of both of us.
    Granted, there is stubborn and ornery in there too.
    (From both of us.)
    Yes, there are memories and moments and messed minds.
    Whispers on the wind and dreams of him at night.
    Thank you for the encouragement from a few years further down this road of grief, after losing a loved one to cancer.


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