up and at ‘em
feet on the floor
children still sleepin’
dog and I
out the door

it’s half past six
there is a cold snap
in the air
we walk upon
the sidewalk
snow packed
here and there

we turn a corner
toward the park
the dog and I
on our favorite walk
there is pink mist
thick on the horizon
in front of us
on either side
me without my camera

then I look behind us
the dog wonders,
“Why did she stop?”
the sun was rising
fiery red shown
from behind the clouds
blending to pink
golden too somehow
so movin’
I said aloud,
“Thank you, God
Today is Yours.”

He is the Creator
The Greatest Artist
His palette holds
every color
His canvas is the sky
He created everything
even that dog
and me

March 27, 2013

last night was for fireflies
the first ones of the year
this mornin’ is for pink clouds
and a crescent moon
still hangin’ in the sky
fireflies remind me
of my childhood summers
pink clouds are for my grandma
she painted some on canvas
and the teacher said,
“There is no such thing.”
Grandma wouldn’t budge
knew she was right
as she’d seen pink clouds
from atop the bluff
time and time again
so while I’m not a pink girl
I love pink cloud mornings
and greet them with a grin
as memories of my grandma
fill me up within