nighttime bliss

I’m sitting on the front porch steps. Blue is happily belly in the grass. The night is quiet, other than crickets and some faraway traffic sounds. There is a light breeze. Fireflies blinking. I want to stay in this moment. I’m lingering as long as I can. [9:00pm]

July 10, 2016


last night was for fireflies
the first ones of the year
this mornin’ is for pink clouds
and a crescent moon
still hangin’ in the sky
fireflies remind me
of my childhood summers
pink clouds are for my grandma
she painted some on canvas
and the teacher said,
“There is no such thing.”
Grandma wouldn’t budge
knew she was right
as she’d seen pink clouds
from atop the bluff
time and time again
so while I’m not a pink girl
I love pink cloud mornings
and greet them with a grin
as memories of my grandma
fill me up within

child of whimsy

baby mine

I love you so

my daughter

mine to raise


just you and me

out in the world

we’ll dance in the rain

splash in puddles

and jump in leaf piles

in the fall

we’ll throw snowballs

make snowmen

and swing so high

on the swings

in the park

we’ll pick bouquets

in Grandma’s garden

chase butterflies

by day

and fireflies

by night

laying in a hammock

we’ll watch the clouds 

move across 

the summer sky

we’ll laugh


and fill one another up

with joy

I’m smiling as I write 

this poem for you

my daughter

about to be born

due one month from today

these promises

I make to you

we will go adventuring

I will be there


loving you

my firstborn 

child of whimsy,

romance, laughter and love

Ella Bella will you be

now and forevermore

© 2011 Turquoise Tangles

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