Boarding is scheduled to begin at 9:15am
The flight is full, so we hear and from the looks of it waiting at the gate
Departure is scheduled for close to 10:00am
Soon we’ll be flying above those puffy clouds so white
I’m traveling with a quiet crew
Maybe ‘cause I’m the only one who started the day with coffee?
…and I stopped after my usual, number of cups, just two
Getting excited
Still can’t believe it’s real

August 4, 2013

December 13, 2011: Love is…

Love is saying this morning, “I’ll take the boys to school and then go to Meijer,” because you know I’m trying to finish some artwork for a one day show tomorrow that I’m simultaneously excited, nervous and freaked out about, even though you re-start chemo today and have your own set of nerves about that.