seasonal cookies

Oh, Thin Mints
You are delicious
(Because I cannot resist you)
Yet de-lic-ious
Eaten frozen of course
Another box is gone
Mmmmm goooooood

February 23, 2013

Happy Chocolate Day!

I admit to a bit o’chocolate over indulgence today…
– chocolate cake batter licked from beaters, spatula and bowl
– 2 squares Ghirardelli dark (before lunch)
– 6 thin mints (frozen, how I like ‘em best after lunch)
That’s just as of 1:01p.m.
They day is still young!
I sorta wonder…what’ll be next?!
Probably chocolate icing straight from the store bought can…that is, if I were a bettin’ woman.

February 14, 2013
a.k.a. Valentine’s Day