I found a seven of hearts while on my morning walk with Blue today. Of course I picked it up, sort of unearthed it, from where it was lying. The whole card is there, folded over and stuck together, with grass and dirt in the middle. Does anyone know the name of the movie where the male lead found playing cards in random places and ALWAYS picked them up? I know I didn’t imagine it, and admittedly it’s driving me crazy that I can’t quite recall. Google doesn’t often let me down, but today it did. I KNOW this was a plot point in at least one romantic comedy. The question is, WHICH ONE?! (Perhaps it’s time to have some coffee?) ~ Janean

May 25, 2013


Today I had a smiling, laughing, delicious lunch out with my sister and a mutual friend. Afterwards, my sister and I had an hour and forty five minutes to ourselves, so we went to mall. I now have a fabulous, new, longer, casual, walking the dog without freezing my hummingbird ass, winter coat in black AND a new gray scarf that sparkles because my sister insisted on it. ‘Cause even though she’s seven years younger than me, ya tend not to argue with her. The first coat we saw, the only one I tried on, fit like it was made for me. I’m still smiling and feeling mellow and THAT hasn’t happened in a long damn time. She’s magic.

January 15, 2013


P.S. I made seven pieces to show

seven, in three days time

it felt so good too

on the inside

why did I wait so long?

this is part of me

time to set it free

and create with abandon

because I can

because I was made to

by Him

that is enough of a reason

The Reason

to make art

message received

lesson nearly learned

takes me a few times

of getting conked on the head

to get it


and set my eyes on Him

and be the woman

He made me to be

I am an artist

I’m still learning to say it aloud

today’s the day I do just that

© Turquoise Tangles