I am the crazy lady who just planted sugar snap peas in her garden while a persistent summer rain fell on June 29th. Of course reading the back of the packet more closely now (after the fact), since I missed sowing in April-May, I should have waited until August to plant for a fall crop. Oh well. Seeds are cheap and I have a purposeful crop in my garden now, not weeds. The thistles are cut down and uprooted. The volunteer sunflowers are welcome to stay, for they invite the birds and make me smile.

June 29, 2013

Blue stole the snowman arm (a.k.a. dried sunflower stalk) as I took this picture. Wish I’d been fast enough to snap one of him prancing away, tail wagging, with a snowman arm clamped tightly in his grinnin’ mouth. Fun memories. Fleeting moments.

March 25, 2013
a.k.a. The Snowiest Spring Break Ever