I painted a prayer

I painted a prayer
by invitation
on a brick wall
primed and ready
as the sun rose
on Saturday mornin'
in July

I painted a prayer
inside a rectangle
standin' in the shade
of the building
as a soft breeze blew
and birds sang to me
on a summer day

I painted a prayer
between the lines
with small brushes
I wasn't in a hurry
could have stayed
all day
takin' my time

I painted a prayer
using a trio of colors
yellow for the Light
purple for the King
red for the blood
He spilled

I painted a prayer
around a pastel outline
the center is pure
white as snow
like my heart
after He took away
my sins

I painted a prayer
a Message of Hope
needed in these
uncertain times
with so much unknown
in the world
His love never ending
waits for you
to accept it

I painted a prayer
in solitude for an hour
and in companionship
for three hours more
time stood still
as the cross emerged
with roots to anchor it
firmly to the Earth
Calvary's Tree
where He died
for you and me

Before I left home Saturday morning, my Facebook status read, "Janean Baird is gonna take a chance the paint will be dry before the sorta in the forecast afternoon rain falls. Looks like a clear morning right now and I want to paint on The Pod's wall today." I just couldn't wait another day if I didn't have to. When I returned home I changed my status to, "Janean Baird painted a prayer this morning." After seeing a picture of my completed painting, an artist I've recently met (online initially and in person briefly), Kathryn Hall wrote, "I absolutely LOVE your pod painting and understand when you say you painted a prayer. I think there is a poem brewing there also which will contain that line." I replied, "Thank you. For knowing me so well. Yes. A poem is brewin'. I was wishin' for paper and pen even as I was holdin' a paintbrush in the open air paintin' on that brick wall this mornin'. Stay tuned." She replied, "It's funny, Janean…..I don't know you in the traditional, normal sense, but somehow, I do "know" you. Your heart is in your poetry and art and it speaks to mine." Then I typed, "Thank you, Kathryn. It's in a Kindred Spirit Art Heart kind of way, isn't it?!"

It's technically tomorrow now. Even though night is heavy all around and my family sleeps soundly a floor above my favorite writing spot in a corner of the dining room. Around 3:00 a.m. I couldn't sleep and woke to these words tumbling all around. Time to type them. Here and now. I was taking notes in my head for this poem even as I painted my prayer yesterday morning. I knew I wanted to get there early as a hot and muggy day was forecast in central Illinois. It was 80˚F as I drove to The Pod to paint my picture at 6:00 a.m. and hovering around 90˚F when I left nearly four hours later. It wasn't uncomfortable in the shade of the building with a breeze blowing though. Felt so good to start my day painting a prayer. Calvary's Tree. A Message of Hope.

© 2011, Janean Baird Turquoise Tangles

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