would have been

today would have been
my grandmother’s 96th birthday
she died on May 1, 2006
each year since her passing
I think of her on her birthday
January 4 shall always be
her birth day
she was a fascinating woman
a marvelous grandmother
an adventurer at heart
brave in big ways
and small ones
with hazel eyes
that twinkled when she grinned
and narrowed in inquisition
often a playful wink
I miss her
I love you, Grandma
I am thankful for
the many lessons
taught and learned
that I carry with me
your voice is still in my head
and my heart
today I’ll bake a cake for you
in the heart shaped cake pans
you gave me
long ago
and I’ll think about you
on what would have been
your 96th birthday
enjoy the celebration
from Heaven


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