morning calm

quiet stillness
except for a l’il birdsong
dog’s tags jingle
children sleeping in
my breakfast gone
one cup o’coffee left
Saturday morning

P.S. All I have to do is say or think, “Ahhh, quiet” and it disappears in less than two seconds. Next thing I knew Blue was wild woofing out the front window. Silly dog doesn’t understand that on Saturday his boys get to sleep in because there is no school today. Once the woofing stopped he started racing around like Rodeo Dog going for first prize in the Barrel Racing Competition. Now?! Well, I shouldn’t admit it, but I let him curl up next to me on the other half of the love seat. We’d done such a good job keeping the dog on the floor until recently when he sort of snuck up onto the couch to try it out. I shoo him down again…eventually. Amazingly enough, my two sweet boys are still sleeping, tuckered out from the last five day school week, with just a few more days to go before Summer Vacation arrives. That last cup o’coffee is nearly gone.

May 18, 2013


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