still usable


Working at my art table this morning.
Making two pieces of art for the Good Friday art show next Friday.
Grabbed a stack of brushes and saw my maiden name written on one.
It’s a 25 year old brush from my freshman year in college.
Still usable.
Happy and a little weepy all rolled into one.
I’m going to paint a sky now.
A blue one.
I knew the title of the piece before it was begun.
I am.
With paper, paint, scissors and glue.
And love, hugs, laughter, ice cream, tears and lots of help from my family and friends.
It all swirls together.
Life and art.

April 10, 2014



3 thoughts on “still usable

  1. Beautiful. Rebuild. Courage.
    I have so much admiration for you. And I love you.

    • Ann, thank you for your kind words. I love you too. {{{unicorn hugs}}} I hope to finish making “Rebuild” today. The title of the second piece I am showing is “Restore.” Stay tuned.

  2. Hmmm … just yesterday I was going through a batch of art supplies, sorting out which ones should go to a friend’s nephew who paints … I no longer do art, and neither does Mary Ellen. For my part, I was always a draughtsman and calligrapher, but the demands of family life, combined with the lack of financial reward put me off, as it were, and the pressures of life with an invalid bipolar wife and two hungry kids … well, I even had to put the cameras away, and that’s what I REALLY was good at.
    Digital saved me, suffice it to say …
    But, as I was looking at this stuff, I found a few brushes of my dad’s … worn down from scrubbing paint into canvas, and palette knives, worn all thin and narrow … I think I’ll keep a few of them.

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