welcoming the dawn

Now the sky is brightening
As the darkest shade of navy gives way to a soothing, medium blue hue
The stars no longer visible
La lune still shines
Like a moon-ball in the sky
Even as the sun begins to ascend
Facing East there is a pale yellow glow along the horizon
Good morning
A new day is dawning

September 21, 2013
at 6:30am

I walked alone

I walked alone last night

along the festive streets

families migrated downtown

to see the live window vignettes

with a holiday theme

the crescent moon was shining

the streetlights were brighter

a white horse ambled by

pulling a carriage

something special

out of the usual

I wish my family had joined me

at the art walk downtown

where I went to see my friends

for quick conversations

shared smiles and hugs

and to see their art

glad I went

for a bit

as I drove home 


Elvis was crooning

“Blue Christmas”

from the radio

I got misty eyed

a lump in my throat

my head already hurt

maybe it ached

from unshed tears


behind my eyes

I didn’t test that theory

and held ‘em back

a little longer

headin’ home

for rest

in the night

December 2, 2011 was F1RST FR1DAY in downtown Bloomington. How I love, and look forward to goin’ downtown on the F1RST FR1DAY of every month. Even if I go alone, I don’t feel lonely. The studios and galleries, and the artists within, are very welcoming and always glad to see you. Even if you’re just admiring, and not buying, their wonderful and varied works of art. ~ Janean

© Turquoise Tangles